Elisa McKay

Elisa McKay

Medium: Collage
Elisa McKay, self-taught artist, grew up in Harlem, NY.  After years of working and teaching in the Electronic Data Processing field, Elisa returned to college for a BA in English.  In 1978 she left the big city.

Elisa migrated to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands to teach high school English, raise her young daughter and become a caregiver/companion to her aging parents.  This "Island Paradise" with its vibrant colors, Caribbean Sea and charming people was the inspiration for Elisa's handcrafted greeting cards.

She later moved to increasingly larger formats in her creations.  Her distinctive African-Caribbean collages interpret themes of family, community and celebration.  Silhouettes of African fabric and paper combined with acrylic, gouache or watercolor, metal, wood, and other findings are used to create striking mixed media designs.

"I've come home to St. Croix, the island of my parents, my multicultural roots, and my African/Caribbean ancestry.  This rich culture is woven through the tapestry of my life.  In the spirit of my ancestors, I celebrate my heritage through my art…with respect, honor, and love."