Judy Riley

Judy Riley

Medium: Photography, Hand-made Body Products

Judy grew up in Augusta, GA and then migrated to Lexington, SC, and has offered her photography and natural body products for over 12 years. She had a wonderful, creative Grandmother who adored her little granddaughter. She didn't have much money, but she always made her home look warm and comfortable and she never threw anything away. She could always make something out of nothing. Judy inherited her passion for creating things and as long as she as can remember, her motto has been "if I can make, why buy it?"

As the years rolled on, Judy developed an extreme passion for photography, seeing things in nature that would just make her feel complete, and alive. Once she got her first really good camera, everything started to jump out at her even more. She loves sharing what she sees.

Judy also developed a line of bath and body products, not finding very much over-the-counter. This started with lip balm, and then progressed to lotions, dusting powders, soap, eye pillows, neck pillows, and all types of bathing products. She takes great pleasure in the fact that a lot of people look for natural, locally produced products as well.