Lisa Reimlinger

Lisa Reimlinger

Medium: Fine Art-Varied

Hailing from the mid west, Lisa Reimlinger is a self-taught artist with a huge streak of natural talent. As a child, her mother's side of the family (many who are artists themselves) encouraged artistic endeavors everyday.

Though no college degree graces her wall (yet!) the "school of life" was a tough yet fair facsimile for a higher education. She has been a working artist for well over 20 years and most recently has had the pleasure of working and living in Columbia, SC as a muralist, faux finishing expert and fine artist. There have been hints that she and her 16 yr old son may soon be heading for cooler climates, but when pressed for an itinerary, she says, "I try not to make too many plans for the future, because one never knows what kinds of opportunities will present themselves at the most seemingly inopportune times!"

She and her current business partner, Brian Francis, have truly enjoyed their part in revitalizing the Ritter building and look forward to hopefully accepting many more offers to create magic here in the midlands. Her current work can be seen on the newly finished walls of Artizan.