David Ayers John Banks

David Ayers & John Banks
2 Guys N Dirt

Medium: Pottery

David and John are the “Two Guys” of 2 Guys N Dirt Studios and are Artists in Residence at The Art Sanctuary of Indiana.

David Ayers was born 1956 in Indiana and raised in Morgan County, attending Martinsville High School, Northwood University, and University of the Americas, Bogota, Columbia, S.A.  David spent the majority of his life in the Jewelry Industry before returning to Morgan County.

John Banks was born 1955 in Alpena, Michigan.  John worked for Dow Chemical for 35 years.  Upon retirement from Dow he was the Robotics expert for the Natural Products Group.

David’s first experience with pottery was instruction from M. Zaidi of Hamadan, Iran, while John’s first experience with pottery was at the studio of Monrovia Mudworks where both took instruction from Jolee Chartrand.

While avoiding three dimensional images of animals, the body of David’s work does exhibit many three dimensional organic designs with rustic, old world and eastern shapes. His work is done in several different types of clay and porcelain with a wide range in sizes from two to three inches to a few feet tall.  Both David and John enjoy using their backgrounds in chemical knowledge to push the envelope creating glazes and glaze combination reactions.

Johns’ specialty is hand building organic feeling pieces that look as if they may have been picked up from nature; also excelling in creating Horsehair Raku in the ancient Japanese style.  John also makes a variety of functional pottery pieces which include platters, vases, and bowls for everyday use.   John also enjoys forming Sculpture pieces.

John and David moved to northern Morgan County in 2006 they both enjoy dividing their time between gardening, raising Koi and the art world.