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The Jewelry

A gallery is about collections, and Artizan jewelry offerings fit the bill.

We have assembled a wide selection of finished jewelry and artisan work which includes everything from trendy men's jewelry to fashion-forward pieces for women. Our selection of pearls makes these timeless gemstones available in a variety of sizes and prices. And, for something extra special, customers can choose from a a variety of loose pearls and clasps for a more personal finished piece.

Fresthwater Pearl Cuff
Sterling chainmaille bracelet

We are pleased to offer handmade wire and chainmaille artisan pieces -- truly one-of-a-kind, custom work. Included in the collection are the offerings of Avery Homer, which include amazing bracelets . Avery's work features bold designs in sterling silver.

Amazing works of art in their own right, Avery's pieces focus on the use of sterling silver. His chainmaille, comprised of hundreds of individually coiled rings, typically embodies deceptively intricate settings in which the design itself remains the focal point. The end result is a clean sillouette in a comfortable piece of jewelry.

South Sea Pearl Pendant
South Sea Pearl Pendant
featured in White Gold

Pearls, and more Pearls.

Artizan is very proud to carry one of the finest selections of pearl jewelry anywhere -- the stunning richness and dark glow of Tahitian pearls, the bright translucense from the South Seas, smooth and lustrous Akoyas in a variety of natural colors, and stylings including a huge variety of freshwater cultured and natural pearls. In prices ranges to meet everyone's budget, our pearls will be a welcome and rewarding addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

Pieces like the black freshwater pearl and diamond cuff shown here are expertly crafted by jewelry artisans from around the world and represent the unique stylings Artizan offers.

Fresthwater Pearl Cuff
FreshwaterPearl and Diamond Cuff
featured in 18K White Gold

Customers may choose one of the many finished pieces in the Artizan collection, or for something more custom, may select from a vast array of loose pearls and clasps. It's all about personal taste and choice!

Many people automatically associate women and pearls, but throughout history, pearls have been worn and prized by both men and women. For thousands of years rulers around the world have adorned themselves with long ropes of pearls in all ranges of colors and sizes. Pearls are not just for women and Artizan is pleased to offer a selection of pearl jewelry specifically designed for men.

Freshwater Pearl Dangles
Black and white Freshwater Pearl
Dangles featured in Sterling Silver

When people see Mary Brock's jewelry, the normal reaction is a smile, followed by one word: "fun." Mary's creations are at once simple and elegant. Her use of pearls offers a level of refinement, and yet the combination of materials also make her pieces comfortable and casual. Mary's offerings are a very nice (and affordable) alternative to the more common mass-market accessories found in so many places.

And Speaking of Men's Jewelry...

Stainless Link Bracelet
Men's Stainless Steel and 14K Gold
Link Bracelet

The Artizan men's collection is one of the most exhaustive selections under one roof. We offer a variety of men's bracelets in silver, stainless and karat gold, as well as pendants and necklaces featuring lapidary and glass. For those interested in more formal attire, browse our selection of cufflinks in silver, gold and even stainless steel.