Artizan News

You like us...You really like us!

Great finds and interesting collection. Pearls for men and women abound – these are not your grandma's pearls."

-Willson Powell

Fabulous new downtown small business featuring many local artisans and exciting pearls and jewels in every price range."

-Julia Prater

A feast for the eyes! Artizan created a lovely and welcoming environment for shoppers looking for unique and beautiful jewelry and art. The owners enjoy telling the shoppers all about the artists featured. There is something for every taste and budget."

-Ann A. Jessup
From the first second you walk in to Artizan, you realize you are around really great unique art made by very unique artists.  The shop is my new go-to store to accessorize myself, my home and my dear friends."

-Larry Hembree
Artizan is FABULOUS! Greatest new shopping delight in downtown Columbia! Don't miss it!"

Amazing. A whole big bunch of wonderful in a small space."