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Artizan on Bull NewsletterMay 2012
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Cultured South Sea Pendant
What are cultured pearls?
Cultured pearls are commercially produced and involve the purposeful introduction of an irritant into the mollusk in a process called seeding. This process is delicate and requires knowledge, training and precision. 
All pearls sold on the retail market are "cultured pearls" unless otherwise labeled as natural pearls (which are extremely rare). Freshwater pearls are often mistakenly referred to as "cultured pearls"; this is misleading since Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are all cultured pearls. To avoid confusion knowledgeable dealers and consumers will refer to pearls by their correct pearl type. 


All pearl types are cultured in the same way, and different varieties of mollusks create different types of pearls.  
David Ayer's is sending us an whole new collection, so existing works is being closed out at 40% off. 
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Dear Clayton,

Artizan Logo I have always like the month of May.

It somehow marks for me the true beginning of Spring, with flowers and trees in full bloom. We enjoy the "inbetween" temperatures that bridge late Winter to early Summer, and begin the transition of returning to the outdoor lifestyle we so enjoy.

May is also when we celebrate motherhood. Thanks to all the wonderful women who play such an important part of my life, and yours!

I want to share some of the new pieces in the Artizan collection. We've acquired new artists whose work is both interesting and appealing, as well as some new jewelry items just right for Spring and Summer. Also, our pearl collection (at which our customers constantly marvel) continues to grow and evolve. Three favorites are in this newsletter.

And last, but definitely lease, we'll be offering some existing merchandise at sale prices - an Artizan first! Click the link below to bring up a coupon for our one day sale!
Clayton P. King
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Artist Spotlight: Peter Driscoll 

Scrimshaw is the art of engraving on Ivory. Peter continues to practice this art in the traditional manner of the whalers of 200 years ago - working completely by hand, using a sailmaker's sewing needle to engrave original designs on Antique Ivory Piano Keys, Mastodon and Woolly Mammoth Ivory.


Piano on Piano Key

Columbia, SC is where Peter calls home. He has created (and sold) more than 2,000 pieces of original scrimshaw. This includes over 100 juried and open regional and national fine art and craft shows, as well as hundreds of privately & corporate commissioned works.


Through his art he hopes to preserve the nearly lost art of Scrimshaw. By creating only original pieces, as well as teaching others through workshops, lectures, and hands-on demonstrations, Peter passes the knowledge of scrimshaw on to others. He also works in other mediums such as sculpture, photography, and drawing with graphite and pen & ink. Justin says, "I believe this helps to extend my choice of subject matter, and expand my creative boundaries."


Black Coin Pearl necklace
Coin pearls are unique, flat circular pearls. This necklace features black coins with a sterling clasp. 
Chocolate Pearl necklace 
  Chocolate pearls have become a favorite, shown here in variegated shades and finished with a sterling clasp.
South Sea Baroque necklace

South Sea pearls, known for their size and satin lustre are prized by pearl collectors around the world. This semi-baroque necklace is finished with an 18k gold clasp.
Thank you!
Artizan's success is due solely to our customers. Many visitors tell us that customer have referred them to us, once again proving that word of mouth is the best form of advertising (and gratification) we can achieve. Thanks for making our new venture in downtown Columbia successful! 
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